Marine VHF Antenna

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VHF Marine Antenna

American Made Marine VHF Antenna

Marine VHF antenna is made of ultra-high grade fiberglass exterior with internal brass tubes providing premium reception and transmission over standard VHF marine channels. This VHF antenna is guaranteed not to splinter. The AirWave Marine VHF Antenna is meant to withstand years of normal use. All Airwave Marine antennas now feature ProConnect, saving you time and money. Now you can avoid soldering VHF PL-259 connectors after running your cable thanks to a factory installed thin FME and the included PL-259 VHF radio adapter included. Easy installation makes this Marine VHF antenna a better choice. Simply run your cable and drill holes just slightly larger than the width of the cable. Once your VHF antenna cable end reaches the radio, screw on the adapter (included with each antenna) onto the cable and you're all set! It's that simple. This also reduces the need for large holes to pass the large and bulky PL-259 connector making installations with this antenna an easy and simple set-up. Includes a solid state PCB and solid brass tubes. Screws into any standard marine mount. Frequency Marine: 156-162 MHz Gain: 6 dBi. Water Surface Enhanced Gain: 10/12dBi. Max Power: 75 Watts. SWR: 1.4:1 AVG. Bandwidth: 6 MHz Signal Polarization: Vertical. Impedance: 50 Ohms. Lightning: DC Grounded. Radome Diameter: 3/8″. Cable: Dual Shield, Low Loss L-195UF. Cable Length: 18 Feet. Connector Type: FME on Cable PL-259 Adapter for Radio. This VHF antenna has lifetime warranty over any defects. If you're tired of having poor VHF radio reception and/or transmission and need a reliable connection, this marine grade VHF antenna is the solution. Our website includes many helpful training texts and videos for proper VHF antenna set-up and use. Detailed step-by-step set-up instructions included. This Marine VHF antenna is backed by our 30-day 100% money back guarantee with lifetime warranty over defects. Made and quality tested in USA.

MARINE GRADE ANTENNA: The AirWave Marine VHF Antenna is a marine grade VHF antenna made of durable high grade materials, proudly made in USA.

PREMIUM RECEPTION & TRANSMISSION: Our ultra-high grade fiberglass exterior with internal brass tubes provides premium reception and transmission ability over standard VHF marine channels.

18' CABLE WITH PROCONNECT: AirWave Marine VHF Antenna features an 18' cable with ProConnect, saving you time and effort. This VHF antenna is quality tested for performance.

DOES NOT SPLINTER: Guaranteed not to splinter, our marine VHF antennas are meant to withstand years of normal use. This marine VHF Antenna has a lifetime warranty on any defects.

EASY SET-UP + INCLUDES RADIO ADAPTER: Simply run cable and drill holes slightly larger than width of cable. After cable end reaches radio, screw on included adapter on cable.

Our USA made VHF Marine antennas come assembled with the best high quality materials and care that only passionate antenna people can produce. Each antenna was made in a small batch assembly process by hand at our factory in Miami, FL. Quality control along the entire assembly process ensures that you have the best possible antenna for peace of mind when you head off-shore.

VHF Marine Antenna Bullet Points

  • American Made, High Quality, Small Batch Assembly
  • 6dB Omni-Directional Radiation Pattern
  • Internal High Grade Brass Radiating Tubes
  • 30% Thicker Fiberglass Tubes Than The Competition
  • Dual Shield, Ultra Flexible coaxial cable
  • ProConnect Connector System Saves Time and Ensures Quality

ProConnect Cable System

Machine Crimped Connector

Slim Profile Connector

Screw On Adapter


Frequency Marine 156-162 MHz
Gain 6dBi
Water Surface Enhanced Gain 7/9 dBi
Max Power 75 Watts
SWR 1.4:1 AVG
Bandwidth 6 MHz
Signal Polarization Vertical
Impedance 50 Ohms
Lightning DC Grounded
Overall Length 5' or 8'
Radome Diameter 7/8" to 3/8"
Ferrule Base Stainless Steel or Plastic
Cable Dual Shield, Low Loss
Cable Length 15 Feet
Connector ProConnect PL-259 UHF
Color White, Black, Gray, Desert, Jungle Green
Warranty Lifetime
Assembly Made In USA


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