SiriusXM Radio Antenna

Our unique in-house designed Sirius XM Radio Marine Antenna features an ultra tough housing that does not require a ground plane. Our unique design allows you to stream music on your favorite Sirius/XM stations while off-shore.

Being ground plane independent, the Sirius XM Radio Marine Antenna can be freely mounted on a variety of location on your boat. Includes a 15' cable ready for your satellite radio receiver and plastic nylon mount.

SiriusXM Ready: Certified and approved by XM for compatibility.

Sleek Design: Custom Helix design means a smaller footprint without compromising performance.

Premium Cable:15' of high quality low loss cable for optimal performance.

Our USA made VHF Marine antennas come assembled with the best high quality materials and care that only passionate antenna people can produce. Each antenna was made in a small batch assembly process by hand at our factory in Miami, FL. Quality control along the entire assembly process ensures that you have the best possible antenna for peace of mind when you head off-shore.

Technical Specs
Frequency Sirius/XM - 2320 - 2345 MHz
Amplifier Gain
28 dB
Signal Polarization
Ferrule Base 
Nylon Included
Cable  Dual Shield, Low Loss
Cable Length
15 Feet
SMB Female (plug)
2 Years
Assembly Made in USA

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